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Who we are

Executive Summary

KINGSWOOD ACADEMY is an Independent Ordinary Secondary School, registered with the Gauteng Department of Education operating under the Gauteng West District.

KINGSWOOD ACADEMY is currently being incorporated as a Non – Profit Organisation-[NPO] with a vision of contributing towards bridging the persistent socioeconomic gap for many disadvantaged parents and communities whose children fall out of the automatic acceptance criteria of the public education system due to being over-age or sometimes due to financial constraints and other challenges.

Our School'"s Core Rationale

In our experience, an increasing number of children in our public schools are failing to cope with the socioeconomic and academic pressures. The teachers and systems in our public schools are logistically overwhelmed to support the huge numbers of children we send to them. We have positioned Kingswood Academy as one of the available alternatives for parents requiring special attention for their individual children.

Due to different individual circumstances, many parents find that their children are simply being pushed through grades or are being forced to repeat grades, and many a time drop-out of the free public education system on technical grounds such as being over-age, poor academic performance, etc. At Kingswood, we have positioned our service to attend to these individual challenges and help individual children who learn better in smaller classes and with maximum individual attention.

The Department of Basic Education emphasizes a need for provision of a Well-Rounded Education. At Kingswood Academy, we will strive to develop academic skills, but also, as much as possible furnish our students with experiences that nurture their aptitude in critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork. By carefully incorporating extra & co-curricular programmes such as arts, music, sports, study excursions and theatre, we will enrich learner development and prepare them appropriately to handle socioeconomic expectations.

The use of computers and internet are growing day by day at high speed. In almost all business, companies, schools using computers for various official operations. With all the new tech tools that are continuously coming to help students to learn better, our school will run compulsory computer co-curricular lessons from Grade 1-12 to enhance students’ creativity, innovativeness and ability to research using computer skills


We have have also positioned our self as a Second Chance Centre for both older learners, high school leavers and working adults who are unsuccessful the first time around. We also accommodate rewrite matriculants who simply want to upgrade or improve their symbols in order to gain access to institutions of higher learning.



To become a well trusted educational brand and institution in South Africa.


”We aim for all our learners to achieve their educational goals and to become lifelong learners. We also aim for the experience of the school to be an enjoyable time of personal development. In this way, we equip our learners for a changing world and we will contribute towards the future of South Africa”.


KINGSWOOD ACADEMY will fulfil its mission by:

  • Understanding the educational and training needs of all the people we serve.
  • Responding to its client needs flexibly and imaginatively.
  • Building partnerships to further the school’s mission.
  • Working with and for the business community
  • Welcoming and inducting all learners to the school.
  • Setting high targets and monitoring them for all aspects of the school’s performance: for example: high pass-rates, attendance, examinations and value for money.
  • Becoming a leader in South Africa in the educational use of informational technology for learners and staff.
  • Recognizing in our tutorial and support systems that the school is often a period of transition for learners and that young people and adults have different needs.
  • Developing a network of links for learners and staff with the outside world, particularly with employers.
  • Ensuring our learners and staff develop the skills to be independent lifelong learners.


The school prides itself in maintaining high levels of integrity for its staff and learners. These are regulated by a strict code of conduct to help promote high levels of professionalism. At Kingswood Academy, the interests of our learners are viewed as sacred. Learners are our customers and we assure them undivided loyalty, goodwill.

With our carefully selected and compassionate teaching staff, we provide a firm foundation for learners to further their studies in higher institutions of learning locally and globally.


The School strives to establish a customer friendly atmosphere knowing that it is the customer (the learner) that is key to our success. The School will achieve this objective by:

  • Inculcating a culture of responsibility among its employees especially the front office personnel.
  • Ensuring client access to correct information.
  • Providing prompt feedback.
  • Adhering to the common principal “the customer is ever right”.
  • Desisting from developing a confrontational situation with a client.
  • Being courteous to its clients and attentive to their needs.


As a school we believe that

  • All students can learn.
  • Learners are the school of the educational process.
  • Learners learn best in a safe, orderly, and inviting environment.
  • Learners must have competent educators, principals, and support personnel.
  • Learners should have equal access to learning opportunities.
  • Learners have the responsibility to be active learners.
  • Curriculum and instruction should meet the needs of all learners.
  • Education is a shared responsibility of home, school, and community.
  • Parents’ involvement and volunteer services support and enhance the teaching and learning process.
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