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Dance, Drama and Music


Dance at Kingswood academy is an integral part of the Arts and Culture curriculum as well as the extra-mural programme. Dance during class gives the learners the opportunity to express themselves in a physical way. Dance routines of all genres are taught. The choreography challenges the learners to recall and perform the steps accurately but allows their personalities and creativity to shine through. All children throughout the school participate in Dance; even the shy children with “two-left-feet” are encouraged to express themselves in a safe atmosphere.

Dance is also offered as an extra mural at Kingswood Academy offering Hip-Hop Dance lessons after school for different grades on different days of the week.  Please consult the Term Extra Mural Timetable to obtain these.


Drama at Kingswood Academy is part of the learning area, Arts and Culture. The learners are exposed to public speaking, improvisation, choral verse, mime, verbal dynamics and movement. A number of the classroom activities involve group work – this enables the learners to grow and develop creativity as well as social skills by learning to co-operate and work together as a team. The ability to express oneself coherently and assertively is a very important skill learnt during group activities. Each child will be involved in appearing on stage in a Foundation Phase or Senior Primary Phase performance or in one of the Special Day assemblies during the year in assembly.


Music at Kingswood Academy is vital. 

Grade 1 and 2’s are taught basic music skills such as tone, rhythm, dynamics, tempo and timbre. 

Each grade 3 and 4 learner is given a recorder to learn to play and reading music notation is taught. 

The senior grades continue to learn the recorder, each year grows in complexity. Music notation continues to be taught. 

All grades are exposed and encouraged to recognize instruments found in an orchestra as well as instruments used in typical pop group bands.  The children are exposed to music of all types, by singing or listening to songs from jazz, classical, rock, modern, blues, opera and most enjoyed pop.

Every year we perform an annual concert in the Junior Primary and Senior Primary Departments.  Each child gets a turn to be on stage with their grade and perform a group dance and song.  We also have Performing Arts Showcase evenings where we “showcase” our Speech and Drama activities.


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