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Exam or Continuous assessment Learner code of conduct

  • No text book or material related to assessed module is allowed
  • No Learner is allowed to leave the exam or assessment hall within 30 minutes of test commencement. In case of any special condition the learner must surrender question paper and answer sheet to the Invigilator.
  • No learner is allowed to enter the exam hall 30 minutes after the exam has started; the learner must get permission from campus director or exam supervisor if there is any special case
  • All Learners must write the student number on question paper and answer sheet before actual exam time announced by invigilator

Learner Misconduct

  • Possession of any foreign material in exam hall
  • Not following invigilators or supervisors instructions during the test or exam.

Invigilator role

  • Invigilator must check hall tickets or student cards before allowing students to the hall and issuing answer sheet
  • Invigilator will check and record all answer sheet numbers and leaner signatures after announcing the starting time

Examiner Role:

  • Examiner must submit question papers 30 days before exam commencement to exam department.
  • Examiner must follow all assessment rules given by the institution.
  • Examiner not allowed communicate to anyone about what is in the question paper or printing for anybody with to the exam department
  • Examiner must delete information from his/her personal computer or destroy papers because exam papers are very confidential.
  • Examiner should be available during his/her test.

Moderator Role:

  • Internal moderator must moderate and sign before question paper print.
  • Internal Moderator must moderate 10-20% scripts before sending them to the external moderator (see external moderator policy).
  • Moderator must use green pen to moderate.
  • Moderator must write total marks on top of the answer sheet and sign after moderating the script

Printing department:

  • Subject lecturer should collect scripts from line manager. Before the collection lecturer must count the scripts collected and sign.
  • Marker must use red pen.
  • All empty papers must stick off.
  • Ticks must correspond to marks
  • Un tidy marking not allowed (example big ticks that cover all the page content)
  • Marks must be allocated according question paper (if question was allocated 5 marks, then there must be 5 ticks).
  • Marks must be recorded where space is assigned for marks.
  • All marks must be calculated properly and written at the top of the answer sheet and sign
  • Subject lecturer is responsible for capturing marks on the system after the marking and moderation are done.
  • Lecturer should complete marking and provide documented feedback to learners to evaluate their performance.

Question Papers safety:

  • Questions papers will reach relevant department in shield envelope
  • Question papers will be opened in the presence of at least three people
  • School Principal
  • Head of department
  • Subject teacher
  • Question papers envelope will open 15min before the exam commences

Re-assessment test or Supplementary assessment:

Kingswood Academy re-assessment is not normally conducted or permitted however reassessment may conducted by Class teacher with HOD’s Permission that is in case of any special circumstances.

Supplementary Exam:

Kingswood Academy School learners will write supplementary exam twice in a year, first semester failed learners should write supplementary in august, second semester learners will write in February. Remarking or recounting:

Remarking Procedure:

Remarking will be done by another subject expert not the same person who marked.

Recounting procedure:

Institution only checks any counting errors.

Fee per remarking: R360/- RECOUNTING: R100/-

Scripts Storage:

Kingswood Academy will store all learner scripts as per student number per 5 years. After 5 years scripts will be destroyed under senior director supervision with approval of SGB. Institution shall not accept any learner request after 5 years, if learner has any query he/she must resolve it within 5 years.


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