Admissions Policy

  1. All registration fees, Library fees, administration fees or any other upfront deposits required are non-refundable.
  2. The learner’s failure to attend classes for whatsoever reason shall in no way entitle him/her to a reduction in fees nor will it absolve him/her or other signatories to this document from full liability for the payment of fees and other charges
  3. An applicant/learner must comply with the age compatibility of the grade for which he/she is applying.
  4. Applicants may be required to attend an interview or an entry examination with the Principal where it is deemed necessary.
  5. The most recent academic report and transfer cards from previous schools will be taken into consideration.
  6. Non South African citizens require residence or study permits before full registration is confirmed.
  7. Acceptance of an application for admission to the school does NOT imply acceptance into the school.
  8. The school Uniform policy, Learner code of conduct and other regulations are expected to be observed at all times.
  9. Notice to discontinue studies or deregister from school will only be validated with approval of a parent and Principal and must be made in writing at least a full calendar month before the intended date of terminating studies.
  10. KINGSWOOD ACADEMY shall have the right to alter timetables, opening and closing dates of the school whenever necessary. The School shall NOT necessarily follow all GDE school calendars/dates.
  11. No alteration, cancellation, variation or addition hereto, shall be of any force or effect unless reduced to writing and signed by the parties to this agreement, or their duly authorized representatives.
  12. This document together with the Learner Code of Conduct and any other RULES AND REGULATIONS thereto contain the entire agreement between the parties, and neither party shall be bound by undertakings, representations or warranties not recorded herein.
  13. Neither party may cede or assign their rights or delegate their obligations in terms of this agreement without the prior written approval of the other party, which shall not be unreasonably withheld.
  14. The Parent(s) hereby choose(s) DOMICILIUM CITANDI ET EXECUTANDI for the purpose under this agreement at the address set forth below, and the Parent(s) shall be entitled by notice to the SCHOOL to change his or her/ their chosen DOMICILIUM provided that the changes shall only become effective 14 days (fourteen) after service of the notice in question.
  15. Learners and parents must feel comfortable with the basic ethics of the school before registering.
  16. The Parents agree that their children will be subjected to the Learners’ code of conduct part of which is included in these terms and conditions. 
  17. The ultimate responsibility for learners’ behaviour rests with their parents or guardians. It is expected that parents will support the school, and require learners to observe all school rules and regulations and accept responsibility for any misbehaviour on their part; and take an active interest in their children’s school work and make it possible for the children to complete assigned homework.
  18. Parents have the responsibility towards their children to display a positive attitude towards the school, educators and rules and to encourage their children to do the same.
  19. Parents should attend meetings that the Governing Body (SMT) or educators convene for them.
  20. Parents have the right to take legal actions against any educator, learner or person who unlawfully violates the constitutional rights of their children by e.g. corporal punishment, injury to the child etc.
  21. They should inform school authorities about any problem concerning their children or other children in the school.
  22. Parents have a responsibility to understand the school code of conduct and work hand in hand with the school to ensure that all the school rules and regulations are observed.


Among other school rules and regulations as stipulated in the Students code of conduct, learners shall be charged with the responsibility of observing the following school rules and regulations:

  1. Being prompt and on time for lessons and not leaving early
  2. Listen to instructions and obey the instructions of prefects or learner representatives
  3. Respect school property as well as that of other people.
  4. Not be disruptive, thereby preventing the other pupils from receiving quality education
  5. Complete all homework and class work assignments to the best of their ability
  6. Be honest in all work including tests and in all what they say or do.
  7. Avoid rough or dangerous games & not gamble or play any unlawful games
  8. Refrain from using unacceptable language at school, in the bus or on the grounds.
  9. Respect sports facilities and rules, not smoke on the school premises grounds or while in school uniform
  10. Stay away from ‘out of bounds’ areas at all times & not climb over any school fence or walls or go through windows, not deface any walls, doors, desks or vandalize school property; do not remove or tamper with anything from class rooms
  11. Refrain from any form of challenge of an educator’s authority whatsoever
  12. Not tamper with safety equipment
  13. Not leave the school or classroom during school hours without the permission of the principal or educator.
  14. Not bring phones, electronic games, tablets, pets or toys or valuables or undesirable reading matter to school

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