High School

Our High School

The curriculum at Kingswood Academy is based on the National Curriculum Statement (NCS), which is CAPS approved as designed by the Basic Department of Education, Our teachers work hard to develop lessons that are relevant and exciting for our learners.

As per our vision and mission statements, we aim to develop life-long learners who, once they leave school are able to succeed in the world of work.

Our teachers use a variety of resources for teaching and learning. Our Grade 1 to 9 learners go on an annual school tour, we also organise educational presentations at the school and at various educational venues and we try to keep our learners informed of current events.


The CAPS curriculum is extensive and covers a range of subjects. Our foundation phase learners study two languages, English- as Home language and Afrikaans as their first addition language. In Grade 4, our learners are asked to choose between Afrikaans or Zulu as their FAL and are required to continue with their choice until Grade 9.

Our Grade 7-9 learners study English, Afrikaans OR Zulu, Maths, National Science, Social Science (History & Geography), Art & Culture, Technology and Life Orientation.

Subject Choices

Our Subject choice starts from Grade 10 – 12 leaners have the opportunity to choose what subjects the feel comfortable in studying 

  • Physical science 
  • Economics 
  • History 
  • Geography 
  • Business studies